Gamification Competition

Gamification Competition

Participants may submit ideas/process/procedure/module/product which implements Gamification in any areas. Participants are subjected to pitch their ideas/process/procedure/module/product within 3-5 minutes to the judge during the competition. Participants are encouraged to use their own pitching aids as to demonstrate their ideas/process/procedure/module/product. Please refer to the details below as guidance for submission of project toward Gamification Competition category.


What is Gamification 

Gamification is using game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning and solve problem.


Type of Gamification

  • Structural Gamification:- 

Application of game elements to propel individuals through content with no alteration or changes to the content. The content does not become game-like, but the structure around the content does. 

  • Content Gamification:- 

Application of game elements and game thinking to alter content to make it more game-like. Adding these elements makes the content more game-like but doesn’t turn the content into a game.

Games Competition

Participants may submit a full version/prototype/pen and paper of any kind of games either digital or non digital (board game, card game, story-telling game and etc). Participants are subjected to pitch their product within 3-5 minutes before performing a full demonstration of their product. The product (game) presented must be played in order to be judged. The judging criteria is based on the following item:
  • Novelty of the idea/ Innovativeness. This covers not only mechanics, but also back story and any elements that are original or innovative (The emphasis on innovativeness will be greater for less novel games)
  • Implementation of the core game play mechanics. Are they fun, challenging, balanced? You can lose points here for things such as obvious dominant strategies, unclear objectives, etc.
  • Progression.How good is the level design or the economy (whichever might be applicable). Is it interesting and balanced. Is there a sense of progression and does the game have the right flow?
  • Art/Graphics.Amazing art and graphics are not absolutely necessary in order to get a good mark, but aesthetics is an important part of the elemental tetrad, and it's expected that some attention has been paid to it. Having said that, great graphics might earn you some extra points.
  • Story elements. Depending on the game, story might have take on more or less importance. Is it immersive, interesting, etc?.
  • User interface.Very important part of the overall experience, will be judged on usability, aesthetics, synergy with the rest of the game, etc. Are there tutorials that teach the player how to play? How well are they done?
  • Replay value. What will keep me coming back to this game?
  • Bugs. Major bugs that impact game-play will induce penalties.
  • Fun factor