(a) to identify ideas, outputs, products, and services generated from innovative research conducted by academic staff for the purpose of intellectual property registration and commercialisation activities;

(b) to supervise and coordinate intellectual property matters such as copyright and patent produced by the University community;

(c) to manage the pre-commercialisation of the research outputs by the University community that have potential for commercialisation;

(d) to assist in the development of new projects that have innovation features and potential for commercialisation;

(e) to develop network or research link and commercialisation with external parties, from either government or private sectors, domestic or abroad for the purpose of promoting and marketing the University's intellectual property;

(f) to carry out awareness activities on the importance of intellectual property, innovation and commercialisation as well as intellectual property value chain and research outputs into the market among the University community;

(g) to increase the participation of University community in the innovation and commercialisation activities; and

(h) to enhance the visibility of the Centre as a main reference in matters concerning the University intellectual property, innovation, and technology transfer.

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