Client's Charter

  • To provide relevant information related to innovation, intellectual property and commercialization.
  • To provide services and management system or registration and protection of research output or product from students and academic staff.
  • To process every submission instantly with the approval from the Vice Chancellor for all products from research project.
  • To provide support that will facilitate the work process and equal opportunity for knowledge enhancement towards the staff progress and development.
  • To provide opportunity to develop and nurture staff's creativity in generating innnovative ideas towards excellence.
  • To contribute in producing new and innovative products through intensive research that are not only marketable but also improve quality of life.
  • To create a platform for collaboration and transfer of technology  and expertise for the benefits of both parties (i.e. the university and industries).
  • To supply human capital that is highly innovative and competitive for the nation development.
  • To provide service in forms of training, research and consultation as well as smart partnership to foster innovation, intellectual property and commercialization. 
  • To produce innovative products based on research and development that will contribute to the nation and community building.

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