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On 23rd November 2017, a Commercialization Talk was held at the Auditorium College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). A talk entitled ?Innovation and Commercialization: Experiences from the Vienna University of Technology? was organized by the Innovation and Commercialisation Centre (ICC) in collaboration with the School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML) and the Asian Halal Lab (AHAL). This talk was presented by Director of Innovation Incubation Centre (I2C) Vienna University of Technology, Mag. Dr. Birgit Hofreiter.

Prior to that, a welcoming speech was delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Razamin Ramli, Director of ICC. The programme has attracted more than 50 participants from various schools, University Centre of Excellence (UCoE) and School Centre of Excellence (SCoE). The I2C has successfully generated a million dollars in commercialization through inspiration, education and incubation as highlighted in her talk.  By engaging with various researchers, mentors, partners and industries, the I2C had established 9 spin-off companies, achieved 11 prestigious awards and gained $1.3 million Euros within 11 months in the current year. Hoping that, this success model can be followed and implemented in UUM by elevating the idea creation into commercialization phase.

In conjunction with this programme, Dr. Birgit Hofreiter also took the opportunity to visit the Welcome Centre to gain more information about UUM and she was impressed with the campus and facilities in UUM. Finally, she ended her visit to ICC office with a fruitful discussion on the way forward for ICC. Many advices and suggestions on commercialization strategy have been shared and proposed during this discussion.

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